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Bridging Pre-Knowledge Gaps


About This Course

As a lecturer, you prepare your courses with specific expectations in mind about what the students already know. You expect that your students have specific pre-knowledge which is essential for your course. However, it can happen that students in your course have different knowledge backgrounds. This is especially the case when they took courses in a different order, or different courses prior to yours, or when they completed different studies at different universities in different countries. Some of these students will have knowledge gaps in the required pre-knowledge. For them, it will be difficult to follow your course, which could lead to students failing and dropping out.

In the Bridging Pre-knowledge Gaps course you will explore whether pre-knowledge gaps occur in your course and what they are. Also, this course will provide you with possible solutions to deal with these gaps.

This course has three Modules consisting of watching videos, reading, working on assignments and sharing ideas in discussions. It will take approximately two hours to complete this online course. Note that this course will give you the opportunity to develop teaching and learning material for your own course. This is not included in the estimated time to finish this course.


There is no special requirements for attenders to take this course

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Natasa Brouwer

Natasa Brouwer is senior consultant (HE science education) at Teaching and Learning Centre, Faculty of Science, University of Amsterdam.

Course Staff Image #2

Stefania Grecea

Stefania Grecea is Associated Professor in Inorganic Chemistry and she works at the Faculty of Science of the University of Amsterdam. She coordinates the MSc Chemistry track Science for Energy and Sustainability.

Course Staff Image #2

Jocelyne Vreede

Jocelyne Vreede is Programme director Bachelor Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Amsterdam. She is Assistant Professor in Computational Chemistry.

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Lotte Schreuders

Lotte Schreuders is educational researcher at the Teaching and Learning Centre of the University of Amsterdam. Her background is Chemistry.

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Bob Pirok

Bob Pirok is Assistant Professor in Analytical Chemistry and he works at the Faculty of Science of the University of Amsterdam..

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