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Template for STEM/CPD microMOOC

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About This Course

This microMOOC is designed to be used as a template for creating your own microMOOC on the OPEN edX Studio platform. This microMOOC course consists of three sections: introduction, main body, and reflection and feedback. Each of these sections is divided into one or more subsections; and each subsection consists of one or more units, i.e. this is where the content is taught.

The template provided is just an example on which you can build your course. If necessary, you can add new sections and subsections, and you can also add, remove or replace any activity that is part of the course. Be creative.


No special requirements is needed.

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Crtomir Podlipnik, UL-FCCT

His research interest and focus is on exploring relevant biomolecular systems, and with his valuable comprehensive knowledge in the field he is actively involved in a number of projects, including ebola research.

Basic information

Course basic - Info
Commitment2 weeks, from 3 to 4 hours
How to pass
  • Participate actively in discussion and workshop.
  • Pass a graded assignment.


  • Introduction
  • The template for microMOOC
  • Fedback and Credits

Intended Learning Outcomes

After the course the learners will be able:
  • to design their own course with the provided template
  • to understand the structure of microMOOC
  • to prepare didactic material for use in OPEN edX Studio