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Personalizing the Laboratory Notebook: Maximizing Learning Outcomes


About This Course

Welcome to our course! Today we’re diving into a fun and important topic - creating a very useful lab notebook for students. And why? Because a well-designed lab notebook can make learning in the lab easier, more interesting, and more effective.

Together, we will explore smart and simple ways to design these notebooks to make sure they really help students learn and succeed in the lab. Your goal is to improve student learning outcomes? We have it in mind!


The target group of this course are primarily lecturers who teach in higher education. There are no pre-requisites to follow this course.

Course Staff

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Dr. Sabina Weronika Jaros

Sabina Weronika Jaros is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Wrocław, Poland

Intended learning outcomes (ILOs):

After finishing the course participants will be able:

  • to identify the importance of the laboratory notebook in developing record-keeping skills and practicing good scientific documentation habits;
  • to create instructions for students on preparing a well-organized laboratory notebook according to good laboratory practice
  • to prepare students for implementing general characteristics of the laboratory notebook and train them to modify it according to specific of the performed experiments.


laboratory notebook, good laboratory practice, documentation skills, scientific documentation

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